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Worldwide Onsite Installation Service

For over 36 years our skilled craftsmen have been installing architectural mouldings and decorative details manufactured in Stevensons-Stone®, fibrous plaster, glass reinforced gypsum and glass reinforced polyester on construction projects of all types throughout the UK and in many countries overseas.

The advantages of our Stevensons-Stone® architectural details over traditional alternatives when it comes to installation arising out of their significantly reduced mass and weight include easier handling, easier lifting, reduced loading on the structure and more flexible impact on the critical path of construction programmes.

Managed Installation Service

Particular skills and experience when it comes to installing Stevensons-Stone® architectural mouldings are an advantage from which it follows that it is best to entrust the installation to our trained workforce. Our recommendation is always to seek a design, manufacture and install quotation from us for your project.

Our service, once appointed, includes the preparation by our Drawing Office of technical drawings including necessary information concerning fixing points, the formation and location of joints and the general setting out of our Stevensons-Stone® mouldings together with relevant co-ordination points with adjacent surfaces and materials.

Fixing Arrangements For Stevensons-Stone®

The backgrounds to which Stevensons-Stone® mouldings are usually applied tend to be either concrete or brick.

A concrete background for smaller profiles involves stainless steel dowel fixings cast into the back of the mouldings and resin fixed into preformed holes. Heavier profiles may require dead load support blocks. Larger profiles may require stainless steel bracketry.

A brick background attracts a similar regime but with the introduction of stainless steel sleeves into bricks where considered appropriate to the type of brick specified.

Structural Engineers’ calculations are routinely involved in the drawings approval process.

Joints between Stevensons-Stone® sections can be designed as open, recessed or flush and this is the type of detail to be considered as part of the technical drawings process.

Recent Installations

Recent installations of Stevensons-Stone® mouldings include a public building in Poundbury, a Country House in Surrey and an Educational Centre in Suffolk. Overseas projects include a Private Residence in Singapore, a Private Residence and Spa in the Middle East, a Beach Resort Hotel in the Crimea and Hotels in Spain and Germany.

The architectural mouldings involved include cornices, columns, pilasters, corbels, architraves, door casings, decorative features, balustrades, urns, friezes and enriched panels in traditional or classical idioms. Contemporary work includes geometric ceiling panels, shop fronts and feature walls. All attract their own distinctive challenges which our Stevensons of Norwich experience has enabled us to address successfully.

The inclusion of the Stevensons skilled installation craftsmen is a key element in the success of these projects. A recently completed project in Singapore is pictured.

Stevensons is operating as normal and accepting orders and enquires, our Showroom is currently closed to the public.