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Mould Making, Manufacture and Logistics

Stevensons of Norwich – a member of the privately owned MAG Group of companies – operates from the MAG Group Building in Norwich.

The major part of the ground floor of the 26,000 square foot MAG Group Building is given over to Stevensons production of architectural mouldings in Jesmonite based Stevensons-Stone® as well as in fibrous plaster, glass reinforced gypsum and glass reinforced polyester.

On the first floor of the MAG Group Building are two Stevensons studios, a photography room and a large suite of offices. Adjacent to the MAG Group Building are two further buildings providing Stevensons with a further 7,000 square foot of operational space.

The fine detail and consistent finish of our Stevensons-Stone® production have been put to good effect in installations in the UK, the Middle East, South East Asia and Russia all emanating from the hands of our skilled craftsmen in our Norwich factory.

Bespoke Architectural Enrichment Modelling

The production of Stevensons-Stone® architectural mouldings is in the hands of a team of highly skilled artisans who have worked for the company for many years. The team includes artists, modellers, pattern & mould makers and craftsmen qualified to produce our handmade products of the highest quality.

Our artists are able to originate enrichments and decorations to bespoke designs as the basis for producing moulds. The enrichments and decorations include the ornamentation required for columns and capitals, enrichments for cornices, decorative features for external and internal ornamentation and indeed any ornamental feature required for a decorative scheme in traditional or contemporary idioms.

Bespoke Architectural Moulding Skills 

Our pattern and mould makers move the process to the next stage by producing moulds from which the end products are to be manufactured by our factory craftsmen. The production of Jesmonite based Stevensons-Stone® involves a number of different processes developed by Stevensons of Norwich to deliver an authentic and consistent stone effect appearance to the end products.

The production processes we have evolved create an exceptional quality of finish. Our Stevensons-Stone® products are light, non combustible, impact resistant, durable, fire rated A2-s1, d0, acoustically dead and offering superior water and stain resistance. Stevensons-Stone® products are solvent-free with no VOCs and are therefore environmentally attractive.

Logistical Expertise

Stevensons of Norwich supply, or supply and install, our architectural mouldings and decorations throughout the UK and in over 40 countries outside the UK to date.

To manage the logistics involved in such a wide distribution area we have evolved packaging techniques appropriate to our products including the use of containers, bespoke plywood and timber packing cases and door-to-door deliveries using dedicated transport depending upon the requirements of each transaction.

Stevensons deploy dedicated hauliers, sea freight and airfreight as appropriate with relationships with a network of shipping agents and logistical specialists. For overseas transactions door-to-door deliveries can be arranged with responsibility for customs expenses and duties resting with our Clients.

Stevensons is operating as normal and accepting orders and enquires, our Showroom is currently closed to the public.