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Design and Drawing

The Stevensons Drawing Office provides a key resource both for our Clients and our manufacturing operation. Our Drawing Office team produces design and technical drawings of the highest quality to meet the requirements of our Clients whilst at the same time providing key information for our craftsmen when it comes to production and installation.

Our Drawing Office provides all the drawings needed for the production and installation of Stevensons-Stone® architectural mouldings as well as for our bespoke and standard ranges of products produced in fibrous plaster, GRG (glass reinforced gypsum) and GRP (glass reinforced polyester).

Technical Drawing Service

Our drawings for Stevensons-Stone® architectural mouldings identify a key characteristic of the material – namely its thinner section and lighter weight which distinguish it from more traditional alternatives. These characteristics enable the material to be applied to the background structure rather than incorporated within it. As a consequence handling costs are significantly reduced along with the loading on the structure with resultant cost and programme benefits.

Technical drawings for Stevensons-Stone® architectural mouldings identify the stainless steel fixings, for example bracketry or threaded rod, and their location within the mouldings and connection to the structure. The drawings indicate the setting out of the architectural details – important when enrichments or decorations are involved. The drawings pick up on any relevant co-ordination points and interfaces with the surrounding surfaces. Structural engineers’ calculations are attached where relevant.

Working From CGI Material and Archive Mouldings

As well as technical drawings our Drawing Office provides a design service when required. The design service can call on our archive of models, moulds and architectural details from previous projects which enable a value engineering exercise to be incorporated in the design.

Design drawings can be an evolution of outline schemes provided by Clients in the form of drawings, sketches, photographs, CGIs or other reference material. Alternatively the designs can be suggestions originated in our Drawing Office.

Contemporary & Traditional Stevenson-Stone® Stone Exteriors & Interiors 

Included in our archive are moulds for columns, pilasters, cornices, friezes, architraves, plaques, corbels, string mouldings, urns and a miscellany of enriched and decorative elements.

Our design capability incorporates contemporary as well as traditional idioms. Examples in the commercial arena can be seen at the Birmingham BullRing and the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid (pictured).

The Stevensons Drawing Office works with Clients, Architects, Interior Designers, Construction Teams and Property Managers throughout the UK and overseas.

Worldwide Design Liaison

A recently completed three year project in South East Asia involved liaison and co-operation between our Drawing Office in Norwich and the Client’s design teams in California, Singapore and London across different time zones and widely distributed locations.

Our technical and design team is available to assist in the introduction of our aesthetically beautiful Stevenson-Stone® architectural mouldings incorporating the overall construction costs savings that the material can deliver.

Stevensons is operating as normal and accepting orders and enquires, our Showroom is currently closed to the public.