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Stevensons-Stone® Interior & Exterior Architectural Mouldings

This lightweight, weather & fire proof material produces finely detailed architectural moulding profiles for building facades with an astonishingly close resemblance to many natural stone finishes.

Durable, Lightweight Architectural Mouldings Resembling Natural Stone

Using Stevensons-Stone® we create durable, lightweight architectural mouldings suitable for both interior and exterior architectural projects. Typical applications range from complete building façades, exterior stone effect cornice, columns, corbels and arches right through to feature fireplace surrounds, exterior logos, crests and architectural planters.

Stevensons-Stone® is also ideal for creating stone effect decorative interior ceiling designs.

Bespoke Architectural Moulding Service

We create many custom and bespoke architectural mouldings in customised stone finishes. Stevensons also have a range of standard architectural mouldings featuring stone like finishes.

Full Design Service

Stevensons have experienced designers who have perfected their architectural design capabilities in this specialist architectural stone effect moulding material.

Over 20 Years of Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture and worldwide installation of Stevensons-Stone® mouldings.

Significant Cost Savings vs Real Stone Architectural Profiles

Stevensons-Stone® is the basis of a product which offers an exquisite finish with the opportunity to achieve substantial construction cost savings. The cost savings are available because Stevensons-Stone® products are significantly lighter than the cast stone or natural stone profiles, making them much quicker and easier to install onto a lower cost shell structure.

Furthermore Stevensons-Stone® products are designed to be attached to a building and not integrated into the weight bearing structure thus reducing overall construction costs.

Stevensons Stone Singapore work

Specification of Stevensons-Stone®

Stevensons-Stone® is both flexible and durable. It can offer a thin section but is not brittle. It is lighter than stone, glass reinforced concrete or sand & cement products.

Key Properties of Stevensons-Stone®

  • Suitable for interior or exterior use
  • A Class Zero fire rating with reduced smoke density and toxicity characteristics
  • Superior water and stain resistance
  • Acoustically dead

Stevensons-Stone® is suitable for both exterior and interior use. Stevensons-Stone® is impact resistant and its thinner section gives a reduced cladding zone. Its lighter weight requires less expensive metal support or fixing points than the heavier alternatives.


Stevensons-Stone® can be produced with a plain white ex-mould finish or it can be pigmented with any RAL or British Standard Colour. Stevensons-Stone® can offer a smooth or textured finish. Remarkably Stevensons-Stone® can also reproduce the effect of materials such as Sandstone, Portland Stone, Limestone, Stainless Steel, Oxidised Metals (e.g. Bronze / Copper / Brass), Timber and Leather.

Virtually any material with a textured surface can be replicated by Stevensons-Stone®. We can discuss bespoke finishes and variations that may be required in aggregate size / particle size / colour.

Once a mould has been constructed fine architectural detail can be replicated over and over again in a cost effective manner.

A selection of stone swatches

Stevensons-Stone® Sample Box

The Stevensons-Stone® Sample box can be supplied with a choice of 4 finishes to give you an example of the finishes we are able to achieve with Stevensons-Stone®