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Interior Designers

Stevensons are used to working with Interior Designers who regularly specify our products and services. Our in-house design resource is frequently called upon by Interior Designers to assist in the realisation of their visions for spaces large and small.

Ways in which we can be of help to Interior Designers include the following:

  • Access to photographs, CAD drawings and PDFs of standard products which can be included in design drawings
  • Samples of our standard products to help Interior Designers and their Clients make their decisions
  • A large range of standard products suitable for interiors of every type including a range of decorative ceilings which can be adopted wholesale or from which details can be cherry picked
  • The cooperation of the Stevensons design and drawing services
  • Availability from the Stevensons archive of a substantial number of enrichments and bespoke details from previous projects extending over decades
  • The long Stevensons involvement in the decoration of high end and interesting properties

The expertise gained by Stevensons in our specialist field over the last 35 years has proved valuable to the Interior Designers with whom we work.