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Installation - UK and Worldwide

Stevensons offer an installation service for all our products and site-related services. Our team of skilled craftsmen have worked for the company for many years. The products we offer are best served by their installation by our own craftsmen.

  • The Stevensons installation service is available through the UK and overseas.
  • Overseas contracts recently undertaken by Stevensons include projects in the Middle East, Singapore, Moscow, Mustique and the Ukraine. Over the years Stevensons have operated in around 40 different countries.
  • The benefits of using skilled craftsmen from Stevensons include accuracy of detail and setting out, exquisite finish and the longevity of the installation once completed.
  • Our installation service is available not just for major projects but for small-scale and one-off transactions.
  • The installation service covers standard decorative plasterwork, bespoke plasterwork, lime plasterwork, restoration and repair work and of course Stevensons-Stone® architectural mouldings.
  • Where appropriate the Stevensons installation service includes associated metal support work.
  • Drawings produced by Stevensons draughtsmen include installation details and methodology where appropriate.

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