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What We Do

We design, manufacture and install architectural mouldings and restore fibrous & lime plaster walls and ceilings

Our extensive collection of architectural mouldings are manufactured in-house, our products and services include Decorative Ceiling Designs, Interior and Exterior Cornice, Ceiling Roses, Corbels, Arches, Columns, Wall Friezes and Panel Mouldings.

Stevensons operate throughout the UK and worldwide and aim to achieve 'best in the world' standards of quality and finish. 

We manufacture in-house and offer onsite services in the following materials:

  • Fibrous Plaster
  • Lime Plaster
  • GRG (glass reinforced gypsum)
  • GRP (glass reinforced polyester)
  • Stevensons-Stone® (a lightweight cost effective alternative to real stone) 

Stevensons services include:

  • Onsite Surveys (e.g. for existing suspended fibrous plaster ceilings)
  • Writing Plasterwork Condition Reports & Making Recommendations
  • Providing Ceiling Safety Certificates (where appropriate)
  • Supply / Installation of Decorative Plaster Ceilings from our Standard Decorative Ceiling Collection 
  • Design and Installation of Bespoke Decorative Ceilings & Decorative Architectural Room Designs 
  • A Worldwide Installation & Plasterwork Restoration Service

Custom GRG Mouldings

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Design & Drawings

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Installation (Worldwide)

Stevensons offer an installation service for all our products and site-related services.


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Plasterwork Restoration

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Stevensons-Stone ®

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Surveys & Reports

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