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Stevensons work in buildings old and new, large and small, in the UK and overseas and for every conceivable use to which our skills and products can be usefully applied.

Private Residences, Listed Buildings, Banks, Theatres, Churches, Hotels, Colleges, Public Buildings, Retail Premises, Offices and Commercial Developments all form part of our project portfolio. 


For the last 35 years Stevensons have been involved in Hotel restoration projects large and [...]

Listed Buildings

Stevensons have long term experience of working with the owners of listed buildings and have a [...]

Overseas Work

Overseas Work Stevensons have been operating for 35 years and for most of that time have [...]

Private Houses

Private Houses Stevensons from the outset have worked with the owners, developers and [...]

Public Buildings

Award winning service for the maintenance, repair and development of plain and decorative [...]


Stevensons have been involved in dozens of Theatre restoration projects involving the onsite [...]