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Plaster Ceiling Restoration

Ceiling Surveys, Restoration Reports, Securing & Reinstatement, 35 Years Experience  

Often associated with the Stevensons survey and reporting service the restoration and repair of existing decorative ceilings is a significant aspect of our business.

  • Experienced in listed and period properties, hotels, theatres, churches, public and private buildings   
  • Decorative ceilings of all periods are liable to damage and deterioration.
  • Water ingress, structural movement and unsympathetic building alterations all contribute to the degradation of decorative ceilings
  • Where repairs and restoration are required it is usually necessary for a Stevensons surveyor to carry out a detailed inspection, produce a report and submit a costed repair regime
  • Restoration includes ensuring that the ceiling, whatever its construction, is securely attached to secondary or primary fixing points above
  • Where lath and plaster or other traditional elements are involved it is important to ensure the integrity of each layer of the ceiling
  • As well as in situ securing and repairing works Stevensons are able to reproduce all the plain and decorative elements which may be missing from the face of the ceiling

The Stevensons plaster ceiling restoration service has been applied over decades to buildings of every type, size and condition and from buildings of the Tudor era through to the 20th Century.

The Stevensons restoration service includes all relevant aspects of workshop production, site work and technical support.

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