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Plaster Ceilings

Decorative Plaster Ceilings

Stevensons has a range of 25 standard decorative plaster ceiling designs in both modern and traditional themes. These can be tailored to suit most room sizes. Some of the ceiling designs can be applied as plate panels, whilst other designs require individual ceiling enrichments to be applied to a pre-plastered ceiling surface. 

If the standard designs are not appropriate, Stevensons have in-house ceiling designers who will adapt the standard designs or provide a bespoke ceiling design service. 

We also survey, secure and restore historic plaster ceilings.

Summary of our capabilities:    

  • Stevensons design, manufacture and install plaster ceilings in fibrous plaster or in lime plaster. 
  • Stevensons has over 25 standard decorative ceiling designs, each can be tailored to different room sizes.
  • Stevensons repair, restore and where necessary replace old plaster ceilings.
  • Stevensons offer a bespoke design service for decorative ceilings. 
  • The Stevensons design and drawing service is available to help with the development of your decorative plaster ceiling concept.

With 35 years of experience working in public and private buildings including listed buildings, churches, theatres, historic buildings and hotels you will find Stevensons is a highly competent company you can trust.

Worldwide Installation Service Available

Decorative Plaster Ceilings from Stevensons Of Norwich

Decorative Plaster Ceilings

The Stevensons Standard Ceiling Range of 25 decorative plaster ceilings offers huge cost savings to our customers.
Bespoke Decorative Ceilings from Stevensons Of Norwich

Bespoke Decorative Ceilings

For over three decades Stevensons have been manufacturing and installing bespoke decorative ceilings to suit properties of every type and period.
Plaster Ceiling Domes from Stevensons Of Norwich

Plaster Ceiling Domes

Plaster domes have been produced by Stevensons over the last 35 years, both oval and circular, plain and enriched to suit buildings of every shape.
Plaster Vaulted Ceilings from Stevensons Of Norwich

Plaster Vaulted Ceilings

Fibrous plaster vaulted ceilings are a cost effective alternative to vaults formed in situ using traditional lime plaster or modern plaster.
Coffered Ceilings from Stevensons Of Norwich

Coffered Ceilings

Stevensons design, manufacture, install and restore coffered ceilings using lime plaster, fibrous plaster or Stevensons-Stone®.
Plaster Ceiling Restoration from Stevensons Of Norwich

Plaster Ceiling Restoration

The Stevensons Survey and Reporting Service is part of a comprehensive restoration and repair service for existing decorative ceilings.

Stevensons is operating as normal and accepting orders and enquires.
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