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New Lime & Lath Plaster Ceilings & Walls

Lime plaster specialists with over 35 years experience 

The lath and plaster combination is the traditional material for the construction of walls and ceilings. It is still appropriate for new walls and ceilings in historic and certain listed buildings. It is also the preferred choice where cost is less important than specification.

  • A typical lath and plaster construction is a combination of riven laths nailed to timbers behind and three coats of lime plaster – scratch coat, floating coat and finish coat.
  • Time needs to be given between coats for curing. Curing time is affected by temperature and atmospheric conditions.
  • The amount of labour, the skill level required of the craftsmen and the time expended through the process is reflected in the cost.
  • At the end of the process the reward for the cost invested is traditional plasterwork with a fine finish and beautiful texture.

Stevensons have undertaken historic lime plasterwork in private and public buildings over the years in many locations throughout the UK.

The type of property involved ranges from historic palaces to a single room in a private house.

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