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Stevensons are specialists in fibrous plaster, lath and lime plaster, GRG, GRP and Stevensons-Stone®.

We design, manufacture and install bespoke decorative mouldings and decorative ceilings for all types of buildings. 

We carry out safety and restoration surveys of decorative plaster ceilings and lath and lime plaster ceilings and walls.

We undertake plasterwork restoration works involving heritage and lime plaster as well as the reinstatement of plasterwork, securing of ceilings and where required replacement with new plasterwork.

In addition to our extensive range of standard mouldings, Stevensons also design new bespoke decorative ceilings, bespoke cornice, bespoke ceiling roses, corbels, arches, columns, plaster domes, helical staircases and vaulted decorative plaster ceilings.

We offer a UK and worldwide installation service.


Surveys & Reports from Stevensons of Norwich

Surveys & Reports

Fibrous plaster ceiling - Safety and restoration surveys to ABTT guidelines using our in house survey team
Design & Drawings from Stevensons of Norwich

Design & Drawings

Our in-house design and drawing office work closely with architectural practices, customers and contractors
Manufacture from Stevensons of Norwich


Our modern high capacity manufacturing facility combines traditional skills with state of the art mould making materials
Bespoke Moulding Commissions from Stevensons of Norwich

Bespoke Moulding Commissions

Design manufacture & installation of bespoke commissions in fibrous plaster, GRP, GRG & Stevensons-Stone®
Installation (Worldwide) from Stevensons of Norwich

Installation (Worldwide)

Stevensons offer a worldwide installation service and have completed projects in around 40 different countries
Plaster Restoration from Stevensons of Norwich

Plaster Restoration

Award winning plaster restoration encompassing fibrous plasterwork, lime plaster, lath and plaster

Stevensons-Stone ®

A lightweight alternative for creating stone like finishes for building facades and interior moulding designs
Custom GRG Mouldings from Stevensons of Norwich

Custom GRG Mouldings

We offer bespoke and custom GRG design services, GRG manufacture & GRG installation services

Plaster Ceilings

Decorative Plaster Ceilings from Stevensons of Norwich

Decorative Plaster Ceilings

The Stevensons range of 25 Decorative Plaster Ceilings derived from our substantial archive of patterns and moulds offers huge cost savings
Bespoke Decorative Ceilings from Stevensons of Norwich

Bespoke Decorative Ceilings

For over three decades Stevensons have been manufacturing and installing bespoke decorative ceilings to suit properties of every type and period.
Plaster Ceiling Domes from Stevensons of Norwich

Plaster Ceiling Domes

Plaster domes have been produced by Stevensons over the last 35 years, both oval and circular, plain and enriched and to suit buildings of every shape
Plaster Vaulted Ceilings from Stevensons of Norwich

Plaster Vaulted Ceilings

Fibrous plaster vaulted ceilings are a cost effective alternative to vaults formed in situ using traditional lime plaster or modern plaster.
Plaster Ceiling Restoration from Stevensons of Norwich

Plaster Ceiling Restoration

Often associated with the Stevensons survey and reporting service the restoration and repair of existing decorative ceilings is an important aspect of

Lime Plasterwork

New Lime & Lath Ceilings & Walls from Stevensons of Norwich

New Lime & Lath Ceilings & Walls

Stevensons have undertaken historic lime plasterwork in private and public buildings for many years in locations throughout the UK
Repairs To Lime Plaster Walls & Ceilings from Stevensons of Norwich

Repairs To Lime Plaster Walls & Ceilings

Lime plaster repair service following the appearance of damage caused by structural movement, water ingress, dry or wet rot, impact or dilapidation
Lime Plaster Vaulted Ceilings from Stevensons of Norwich

Lime Plaster Vaulted Ceilings

The lime and lath in situ service is typically for listed & historic buildings where fibrous plaster or modern plasters are not considered appropriate


Inspiration Decorative Architecture -  Worldwide Experience from Stevensons of Norwich

Inspiration Decorative Architecture - Worldwide Experience

Stevensons have been operating for 35 years and have completed projects large and small in the UK and overseas in around 40 countries
Private Houses from Stevensons of Norwich

Private Houses

Stevensons from the outset have worked with the owners, developers and professionals in Private Houses large and small
Theatre Restoration from Stevensons of Norwich

Theatre Restoration

Stevensons are involved in all aspects of the survey, safety, repair, replacement & restoration of decorative & historic plasterwork in theatres
Hotels from Stevensons of Norwich


Projects include the refurbishment & upgrading of existing hotel buildings or the introduction of decorative & architectural mouldings in new hotels
Schools, Colleges and Educational Establishments from Stevensons of Norwich

Schools, Colleges and Educational Establishments

Stevensons design and manufacture decorative plasterwork and also provide a comprehensive [...]
Public Buildings from Stevensons of Norwich

Public Buildings

Stevensons portfolio includes Museums, Art Galleries, Educational Establishments, Town Halls, Government Buildings and Financial & City institutions
Listed Buildings from Stevensons of Norwich

Listed Buildings

Stevensons have a good understanding of the expectations of planners & heritage bodies & long term experience in assisting owners

Who We Work With

Private Clients from Stevensons of Norwich

Private Clients

Our friendly sales and design staff are always pleased to hear from Private Clients who would like advice or need to discuss their scheme
Architects from Stevensons of Norwich


Stevensons’ products and services are regularly specified by Architects and we are here to offer any technical or practical advice that may be needed
Interior Designers from Stevensons of Norwich

Interior Designers

Our in-house design resource is frequently called upon by Interior Designers to assist in the realisation of their visions for spaces large and small.
Contractors & Builders from Stevensons of Norwich

Contractors & Builders

We understand the expectations of Contractors & Site Managers concerning programming, quality management, coordination, design and health & safety
Estate & Property Managers from Stevensons of Norwich

Estate & Property Managers

We are here to offer advice and practical assistance on estate and property maintenance issues as they arise
The National Trust from Stevensons of Norwich

The National Trust

Stevensons has a long history of working with the National Trust, and is known for the quality of its historic restoration work and new plasterwork