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Vaulted Corridor at Hitchin Priory, Hertfordshire

Client Details

  • Client Name: Hitchin Priory
  • Location:Hertfordshire

About This Project

  • Our photograph is an example of vaulted ceilings constructed in fibrous plaster.
  • We also construct vaulted ceilings in lime plaster. For details, please check our Lime Plaster Vaulted Ceilings page.
  • The vaults are suspended from a secondary metal grid attached to the main structure above.
  • The vaulted corridor ceiling was installed by Stevensons craftsmen.

The Stevensons design service will assist with the detailing of vaulted ceilings of every type. As with Hitchin Priory Stevensons craftsmen are available to install the vaults.

Stevensons is operating as normal and accepting orders and enquires.
Our showroom is now open by appointment only, please contact us to arrange your visit.