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Plaster Ceiling Survey & Restoration, St Paul’s Church, Clapham, London

Client Details

  • Client Name: St Paul’s Church, London
  • Location:London

About This Project

St Paul’s is a well-known London church in full use for religious and community purposes. Concerns were raised when there was a partial collapse of the nave lath and plaster ceiling.

Stevensons were invited to survey and report on the condition of the ceiling. Close inspection from a scaffold established that a combination of water ingress and age had affected the integrity of the ceiling.

Following their inspection Stevensons submitted a report on the condition of the ceiling, proposed a repair regime using stainless steel fixings together with a budget. Stevensons then undertook a full repair leaving the ceiling in a safe and sound condition.

Stevensons were selected because of their established reputation in the field of surveying, reporting and undertaking specialist repair work in historic buildings generally and churches in particular.

Churches other than St Paul’s, Clapham where Stevensons have been involved include the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Knightsbridge, St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square, St Helen’s Bishopsgate and St Paul’s Covent Garden.

Stevensons regularly undertake surveying, reporting and repair tasks of this sort for buildings both large and small. 

Stevensons is operating as normal and accepting orders and enquires, our Showroom is currently closed to the public.