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Private Residence, Mustique

Client Details

  • Client Name: Private Residence
  • Location:Mustique

About This Project

In 2017 Stevensons return to Mustique to install further bespoke decorative plasterwork in the Great House where over 20 years ago we undertook major works both to the interior and exterior of this unique property.

The house was constructed in Mughal style in the mid-1990s and Stevensons manufactured and installed all of the decorative plasterwork within the main house and colonnades.

At the same time Stevensons artists produced models and patterns for the lavish exterior ornamental details.

The details developed for interior and exterior application for both the house and the Hidden Garden complex reflected authentic Mughal detail from the Akbar, Shah Jahan and Jahangir periods and the result is an architectural tour de force.

The project involved a visit by Stevensons to India to see at first hand relevant examples of Mughal architecture followed by an intense period of model and mould development at our Norwich Works. There followed a year long period of site installation accompanied by the usual long range logistical challenges which were successfully overcome.

The project is of particular interest in that we are usually engaged in projects requiring traditional European or contemporary idioms and the requirement for authentic Mughal architectural detail was an interesting and welcome challenge.

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