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Stevensons-Stone® Decorative Ceiling at New Hotel

Client Details

  • Client Name: Beach Hotel
  • Location:Crimea, Russia

About This Project

The Beach Hotel is a luxury resort under construction and the designers specified a contemporary bespoke ceiling for the pool and spa area.

The material specified for the ceiling was our Stevensons-Stone® material – ideal for a pool environment and capable of replicating the scalloped detail demanded by the design.

The scalloped detail was envisaged as giving both a contemporary look to the ceiling with an attractive textured surface.

Our artists sketched the scalloped detail for approval and our technical team developed the CAD setting out drawing both of which are included with our case study.

The scalloped detail was modelled by our artists for incorporation in the model and mould from which the Stevensons-Stone® ceiling panels were to be cast by hand by our factory craftsmen.

The ceiling was produced in 75 sections of various sizes, placed in bespoke plywood and timber packing cases and delivered to the client’s London agents for onward shipment.

Because of the bespoke nature of the ceiling design and the innovatory use of Stevensons-Stone® we provided onsite supervision for the local installers to ensure a satisfactory outcome for the project.

The installation involved the setting out of the 75 different sections to our CAD drawing, fixing the sections to the supporting grid and jointing them in situ to form a monolithic surface

In the end the manufacture, delivery and installation were achieved to programme to the satisfaction of the project team and the ultimate client.

Stevensons is operating as normal and accepting orders and enquires, our Showroom is currently closed to the public.