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Stevensons-Stone®, Private Residence, Middle East

Client Details

  • Client Name: Private Individual
  • Location:Middle East

About This Project

Stevensons were awarded a significant contract to manufacture and install decorative architectural mouldings both to the building facade and within a large villa in the Middle East.  Features included columns, exterior cornice, corbels and arches custom designed and manufactured in Stevensons-Stone®. The company was required to produce a very substantial number of design, technical and coordination drawings.

The drawings detailed the complex architectural external details to be produced in Stevensons-Stone and the decorative interior fibrous plaster elements. The drawings were required to identify all aesthetic and practical elements with dimensions as well as the fixings and coordination details necessary to complete the installation.

Included is a CAD elevation drawing to illustrate the scale of the project together with a photograph representative of the exterior works.

The involvement of the Stevensons Design & Drawings Service in the Italianate villa was valuable to the project as a whole because our drawings as they evolved offered solutions to technical, coordination and dimensional issues well in advance of production and installation overseas by Stevensons of Norwich.

The project involved close interaction with architects in Europe and the Middle East and with interface contractors from many different countries.

The result is an installation presenting a complexity of detail with a stone like finish which any other material than Stevensons-Stone® would find it difficult to match. The cost of the installation was significantly more competitive than the real stone alternatives.

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