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Hotel Featuring Contemporary Design

Client Details

  • Client Name: Hotel Puerta América,
  • Location:Madrid

About This Project

The Hotel Puerta América in Madrid is a unique project involving the input of no fewer than 19 contemporary designers and architects including internationally acknowledged names such as Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster.

Eight floors of the hotel each presented different and radical design concepts. Stevensons were involved in more than one area and in particular with the lobby to floor eight for which our Stevensons-Stone® material was deemed essential for the execution of the designer’s concept.

The design involved radius walls emanating from the lifts with the walls to be curved on two planes. Within the walls were to be hundreds of pre-formed holes to incorporate fibre optic lighting. The location of the holes within the curved walls was to be precise and the purpose of the lighting was to react to the fabric colours of hotel guests emerging from the lifts so as to replicate the colour of clothing with changing shades of light.

The geometry of the walls and the setting out of the holes required great precision. Our Stevensons-Stone® material was selected because it offered the finish, definition and precision required by the design and was also robust enough to function as walls within the lift lobby.

The Stevensons-Stone wall sections were manufactured within our Norwich factory with the fibre optic lighting holes incorporated. Following manufacture the wall sections were packaged and delivered by road to Madrid where they were met by the Stevensons installation team. The installation was completed to budget and on time and represents and unusual and interesting use of our versatile Stevensons-Stone® material.

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