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Restoration Hotel Ballroom Ceiling

Client Details

  • Client Name: Chateau Impney Hotel & Exhibition Centre
  • Location:Near Droitwich, Worcestershire

About This Project

Chateau Impney operates as a successful hotel and exhibition centre and was built in the 1870s as a very fine example of the French Chateau style. The splendid interiors include a great deal of elaborate plasterwork.

The hotel management invited Stevensons to survey and report on the state of the highly ornate decorative ceiling and cornice in the Ballroom which was in use for weddings and other important functions.

The ceiling was seen to be showing signs of distress and this created a concern about its safety.

The Stevensons surveyor arranged for a tower scaffold to be put in positon from which to examine all the ceiling and cornice surfaces from close quarters.

The ceiling was identified as being of a traditional construction with three layers of lime plaster on timber laths supported by the joists above. The passage of time, wear and tear and some water ingress had all contributed to the visible deterioration.

The recommendation by Stevensons was that, where access from above was available, the ceiling should be supported by galvanised wires and wads of hessian soaked in casting plaster. Stainless steel fixings should be introduced from below across the whole ceiling. Where sections of plasterwork had been distorted from the horizontal they should be fixed back into position as far as practicable.

Stevensons were engaged to undertake these tasks and over a weekend when the Ballroom was not in use a team undertook a full repair schedule and restored the ceiling and cornices to a secure state.

The operation as a whole involving a survey, a report and subsequent corrective action is a textbook example of a repair of historic plasterwork and is a good example of the Stevensons restoration and repair services.

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