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New Walls & Ceilings, Grade I Listed House, Oxfordshire

Client Details

  • Client Name: Grade I Listed House
  • Location:Oxfordshire

About This Project

  • Stevensons were awarded the contract for the fibrous plaster and lime plasterwork required for a prestigious Grade I listed Private Residence part of which can be dated to the medieval period.
  • The specification included in certain key areas traditional lime plasterwork to walls and ceilings.
  • In particular the Client wished to see a corridor with a vaulted ceiling and walls with traditional lime plasterwork.
  • The effect the Client wished to achieve was to avoid the regularity and precision produced by modern materials and instead to have the softness of line and texture provided by traditional lime.

The use of traditional lime plaster applied by hand enabled a softer line and a warmer texture to the surface not achievable by modern plasterers.

The Client team selected Stevensons to undertake this work because of their known expertise in this area and were very satisfied with the end result.

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