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Door Surrounds & Door Pediments in Stevensons-Stone®

We manufacture our door surrounds and door pediments in Stevensons-Stone® and GRP. Stevensons-Stone® door surrounds and pediments are available in a wide range of finishes such as Bathstone, Portland Stone, Cream Stone, White Marble and Sandstone. These two traditional door pediment designs come complete with pilasters to make a standard doorway into an entrance feature.

Stevensons also design and manufacture bespoke door surrounds and door pediments to order in GRP, plaster and Stevensons-Stone®.

Stevensons-Stone® offers an authentic appearance of natural stone, is light and durable, has an EN13501-1 fire rating and can incorporate fine and intricate architectural detail.

Please contact our Sales Team on 01603 400824 or for more information on our range of door surrounds and door pediments and other decorative features.