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Architectural Columns & Pilasters

Stevensons columns, pilasters and pedestals are available in Plaster, Stevensons-Stone®  and GRP.

Stevensons are in the process of developing a range of Ionic and Doric columns and pilasters based on designs produced exclusively for Stevensons of Norwich by the distinguished classical architect Ben Pentreath with the guidelines established by James Gibbs (1682-1754) in mind.

The CAD drawings below show the options available as standard production. Columns and pilasters outside this range can be produced as bespoke.

The CAD drawings also indicate pedestals appropriate for each size of column and these are also available from Stevensons.

These details can be specified and incorporated into schemes with confidence that the proportions are classically correct.

Stevensons also offer columns and pilasters to any design including the Tuscan and Corinthian orders as bespoke with each project priced on its merits. Included in this bespoke service is the use of moulds and enrichments from our archive where applicable.

For more information including costs about standard and bespoke columns please e-mail or telephone +44 1603 400824.

Column Profiles

Doric Columns

Doric Column Pedestals

Ionic Columns

Ionic Column Pedestals