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Stevensons-Stone® Architectural Mouldings

Stevensons-Stone can be produced with a plain white ex-mould finish or it can be pigmented with any RAL or British Standard Colour. Stevensons-Stone® can offer a smooth or textured finish. Remarkably Stevensons-Stone® can also reproduce the effect of materials such as Sandstone, Portland Stone, Limestone, Stainless Steel, Oxidised Metals (e.g. Bronze / Copper / Brass), Timber and Leather.

Virtually any material with a textured surface can be replicated by Stevensons-Stone®. We can discuss bespoke finishes and variations that may be required in aggregate size / particle size / colour.

Please note that we are not currently serving customers directly from our Norwich showroom. Telephone and online orders can still be placed but will be fulfilled at a reduced rate and slight delays could be expected.