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Fibrous Plaster Arches

Stevensons offer a range of arches, architraves and staff beads to suit any width of arch opening and with numerous arch design options as well as complete bespoke arches designed by our in house designers.

Stevensons arches can be manufactured & installed as complete preformed arches to fit a specified rectangular opening, or manufactured in a number of components for assembly and installation onsite. 

Semi-Circular and Elliptical Arches

Stevensons arch design details have been produced exclusively for us by the distinguished classical architect Ben Pentreath with the guidelines established by James Gibbs (1682-1754) in mind.

Arches, architraves and staff beads can be set out as half round, oval 60° and oval 30°. The curved section of the arch, architraves or staff beads can run continuously down to the skirting or rest on a simple or detailed impost moulding. At the top of the radius a simple or a detailed keystone can be introduced.

Preformed Fibrous Plaster Arches

Shown below are the key dimensions required when specifying a preformed arch. These are usually manufactured as a complete arch unit. Preformed Fibrous Plaster Arches

How Much Does A Preformed Fibrous Plaster Arch Typically Cost?

The prices shown can include architrave, staff beading and keystone if required.  The preformed plaster arch will include the soffit and any wall infill needed as a unit to be inserted complete in any opening to be converted into an archway.

These prices apply to semi circular and semi eliptical arches. Other arch profiles, for example the gothic style, can be quoted case by case as bespoke. 

Size Description

Arch Width (mm)

Ex-Works Price 

A1 Up to 950mm £620+vat
A2 951mm -1275mm £680 +vat
A3 1276mm - 1600mm £785 +vat
A4 1601mm - 1925mm £835 +vat
A5 1926mm - 2250mm £885 +vat
A6 2251mm - 2575mm £945 +vat
A7 2576mm - 2900mm £1055 +vat
A8 2901mm - 3225mm £1110 +vat
A9 3226mm - 3550mm £1140 +vat
A10 3551mm - 3875mm £1320 +vat

Process and Timescales

  • Provide us the height, the width and the depth of your opening. Our fibrous plaster arch will fill that opening 
  • Agree the design details of the arches, which can be semi circular or semi elliptical. Gothic arches or other designs can be offered as bespoke 
  • Once we have your dimensions and preferred style of arch and you have placed your order we will prepare a fully dimensioned CAD drawing for you to approve to enable production to commence  
  • This makes sure both parties have a documented common understanding of your requirements
  • Once the drawing is approved the arch is usually ready for despatch or onsite installation within 2 to 3 weeks
  • We will be happy to quote to installation if you wish

Optional Arch Details

  • Bullnose or staff bead details in place of architraves
  • Decorative corbels to "support" the arch
  • Impost Mouldings in lieu of corbels
  • Pilasters - plain, fluted or panelled

Further Information

  • We deliver throughout the UK and worldwide
  • We offer an installation service for all our  products including arches

Need More Information? 

If you would like more information about Stevensons arch design, manufacturing and installation service please e-mail or telephone +44 1603 400824.

We also manufacture bespoke exterior arches in Stevenson-Stone® a light weight low installation cost alternative to using real stone.  

View Arches with Corbels

Corbels are a traditional support for archways, we have a wide range of Corbels in stock which can be found by following the link below.

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View Arches with Pilasters

"Low relief" or flattened against a wall - off the shelf pilasters are suitable for support arches and are usually available from stock.

Arches with Pilasters More information

View Arches with Imposts

Impost mouldings offer an alternative to corbel brackets and can be used to create a smooth transition between spaces.

Arches with Imposts More information

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