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Stevensons-Stone® Overseas Building Facade Work Increasing

Over the last two months Stevensons has shipped to a wide range of international destinations, including Singapore, Dubai, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Croatia, the USA and Ireland. Later this month we will be sending our first ever shipment to Ghana!

The shipment en route to Singapore is part of a Supply & Install Order and will be met by our tradesmen on site whose specialist installation knowledge is needed to ensure the bespoke Stevensons-Stone® classic architectural facade panels are installed correctly.The luxurious private residence has already received a bespoke Stevensons’ plaster package and the job is due for completion later this year. Stevensons have worked closely with design architect Landry Design Group in Los Angeles on this project.

Our international orders draw on a wide variety of our products and services. The order heading to Dubai is for a bespoke, hand crafted cornice that was modelled and manufactured at our Works in Norwich. The design was initially proposed with hand drawings by our Chief Modeller before the enrichments were sculpted in clay.

The bespoke cornice is based on a highly ornamental Regency design and encompasses an acanthus leaf design with a repeat floral pattern above. The end result is a highly decorative and unique cornice!

All of our international orders are packed at our Works in bespoke timber crates or shipping containers with additional protection being added to the inside panelling to protect the cargo whilst in transit.

We have a busy international calendar ahead and we look forward adding even more new destinations to our list of over 40 countries we have worked in or supplied.

Overseas work increasing